Thursday, October 20, 2011

Google Code Project Hosting

I've been working with hosting my Robocode robot on Google Code's project hosting site. So far my experience with it has been most satisfactory, as I was able to successfully host my distribution on Google Code and sync it with my SVN client.  I've tested the SVN capabilities by uploading all the files for my project onto the truck portion of my project webpage. The most difficult thing I had to troubleshoot was the formatting of the wiki pages to adhere to my liking. I was most surprised with the quality of hosting projects on Google Code. It was very easy to create a page and start uploading and creating wiki pages. Plus the fact that other developers are able to join the project by just adding their email makes Google Code very simple.

A link to my robocode robot I've been developing is here. Overall I look forward to using the Google Code project hosting site to work on future projects, since it is a great free option for developers. 


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