Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Five Important Lessons Learned In Software Engineering

1. Why should software developers always keep the three prime directives in mind?
    The three prime directives ensures that a software system is a well developed and easily maintainable code. The three prime directives are found here.

2. The FizzBuzz program makes use of the assertEquals jUnit test cases, what would be an example test case for this program?
    Since the FizzBuzz program tests for number cases with, FizzBuzz being printed if n is divisible by 3 or 5. Fizz printed if n is divisible by 3 and Buzz if n is divisible by 5. We could use the test case assertEquals("Test for FizzBuzz", "FizzBuzz", 15) for example.

3. Before committing changes to a project hosted on google code which ant target should be run?
    The verify target should pass to ensure the next person working on the project that it is a working version of the code.

4. What kind of bugs would Checkstyle find that PMD wouldn't?
    Checkstyle would find coding standard errors while PMD would find errors that deals with the code. Such as Bugs, dead code, suboptimal code, overcomplicated expressions, and duplicate code.

5. Of the three review methods, which has the fastest turnaround?
    Walkthroughs have the fastest turnaround, minimal overhead. With little/no preparation and no formal process. The other review methods include technical reviews and inspections. Technical reviews' goals include defect discovery and ambiguity resolution. Inspections attempt to detect and remove all defects.


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