Tuesday, November 8, 2011

WattDepot Fun

Recently I've partaken in a kata exercise using the WattDepotClient. What is the WattDepotClient you ask? Well it is basically a Java Class that holds a lot of energy data from the dorms located at UHM. The purpose of the katas was to manipulate this energy data and print the selected data. All in all I completed 5 out of the 6 katas here, due to the difficulty in some of the katas I did not have enough time to finish all of them. What was most fun about these katas was the fact that we were given a system/API and was told to understand the methods and utilize them for our kata solutions. Most likely that without access to the API, the katas would've taken much longer to finish. It took roughly a day per kata but kata 3 was most difficult in my opinion. However I had gained insight to a possible solution with the help of my fellow software engineer, Russell Vea. 

I felt that WattDepot was a excellent exercise in a sense that it provided real world data. All the data collected were actual energy/power usage from dorm rooms, and it was fun knowing that I had access to this data.   


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